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At Combined Timber Floors And Floor Sanding (Pty) LTD, Is Timber Stair Treads For Sale? Get from us as it may make the right look when it comes to boosting your home's overall style and design. Consider having a contemporary staircase constructed in your home that appears as it belongs in a lifestyle magazine. Our Timber stair treads, suitable for residential and commercial buildings, provide your living area with a more natural and lovely appearance. Our teams have over 30 years of expertise selling high-quality recycled timber items that transform your house into a spectacular center point. Our workers are experts at supplying wood stair treads at any production stage. We may also arrange for delivery to your home.
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Our Stair treads may be made to match your existing hardwood floors. We make the order according to your project's precise requirements. They'll attain glued, sanded, and cut to size, so all you have to do now is put them together. There is a choice of edges to pick for us to form your stair according to your design preferences. Given that the smallest design elements typically have the most influence on your environment, our unique product may be the finishing touch that makes your project stand out! Our collection may be utilized to create stair treads in simple and luxury styles. Whatever your stairway requirements are, we can provide the finest solution. With our diverse range of patterns and styles, you'll be able to locate a product that perfectly meets your requirements. Make a statement with our wood stair steps.
Our Commitment
There's a reason why we get the majority of our business from reappearance clients and recommendations! This is not only because of the high-quality wood we provide but also because of our obvious enthusiasm and continuous knowledge of this field. Our wood was neither imported nor obtained from rain forests or still-standing old-growth forests. Our timber has affected no peoples living in rain woodlands, and no vegetation, creatures, or animal homes have been broken.
Our Expertise
Our staff not only has vast expertise with wooden flooring, decking, furniture, skirting, and a variety of other timber items, but we also have considerable experience with the installation process, including the best fastening methods, sub-floor products, and environmental protection. What keeps us apart from others is our knowledge. We're always happy to assist, so contact us immediately!
Benefits Of Our Timber Stair Treads
Our stair treads deliver your place with a distinctive feel and look, typically providing it a sleek and modern look. Floating stair treads, in particular, assist in increasing the amount of natural light that enters the space. They help open up the room, making it look bigger and more spacious.
Floating Timber Stair Treads for Sale are extremely adaptable and may be put in various ways. This opens up more possibilities for smaller, constrained locations. L-shaped stairs, U-shaped steps, straight or conventional, spiral stairs, winder stairs, or cantilever stairs are alternatives for floating stairs. Our stair treads are manufactured from ancient timber acquired from old warehouses and buildings and are completely ecologically friendly. Hire Wood Floor Polish And Restorer for your help.
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