Timber Floors and Floor Sanding – FAQ

1. How can we define an engineered timber floor?
Engineered Timber floor is a three-layered structure comprising of:

  • A fine wooden layer
  • A core layer which is commonly made of wood or plyboard, and
  • Finally a supporting layer as a laminated coating
2. How are various coatings adhered to each other to form a single layer?
The above mentioned three coatings are compressed to affine finish so that they give rise to a single board. Thus they form a durable wooden layer making them a quite steady choice to produce sound wood floors.
3. What kind of timber wood flooring is used by Timber Floor sanding Sydney?
We make use of all the popular types of timber floorings with genuine hardwood timber material. We have a wide selection of latest designs and colours, including Australian Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Iron Bark.
4. What sort of benefits do we get from timber wood flooring?
We prefer hardwood floorings because they are tough and durable. If selected wisely they can last for years. Moreover, they are simple to clean. They possess the charm of organic components with natural colour variations as well as designs.
5. Can we modify real wood floorings?
Most of the hardwood floorings decolourise with time. Especially if exposed to direct sunlight you must change it or take proper care to save it from intense sunlight. However, it is easy to replace, modify and polish that type of flooring.
6. Can we use timber wood flooring in the cooking area?
Yes, we can install it in the kitchen however it must be well-maintained. You must take care that there is no liquid split on the floor as it will decolourise it. If you can take care of all the necessary precautionary measures, you can use timber wood flooring in your kitchen but it should never be used in the washrooms or laundry as water will soon spoil it.
7. Can we easily perform sanding of hardwood floorings?
There may be scratches and marks of various objects along with footwear and even splits. Though in normal cases hardwood flooring is comprised of durable wood, however, it can become dull with the passing time. However, it can easily be sanded and polished to make it appear like brand-new.
8. Are there any colour variations in wood floor designs?
As we know that natural wood comes in a lot of designs and we can choose any according to our choice and requirement. We can further enhance the shine and appeal of a timber wood by applying polish and sanding.
9. How can we differentiate solid wood a laminated one?
Solid flooring is comparatively hard, strong and more durable with natural grace. There is no engineering or gluing seen on its surface. On the other hand, laminated flooring will never be as solid and durable. It has is just an image of natural wood with a high-density base.
10. Can we maintain and renew hardwood flooring?
Yes, we can easily maintain and save the hardwood floor from scratches and splits by covering its surface with mats at doorways so that the impact of foot traffic is minimized. Best way to clean such a surface is by using a vacuum cleaner. Wax or abrasive chemicals shall never be used as it will make the surface dull

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