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Combined Timber Floors And Floor Sanding (Pty) LTD has 30 years of expertise in the flooring sector and is still the ideal destination for your assistance. We are highly qualified and can handle any restoration service for any floor surface quickly and effectively.
You can rely on our experienced specialists who will do all possible to give the outcomes you require. To obtain the best potential results, we will assess the products that perform best on your specific floor. We promise that our work Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing Near Me will meet or exceed your hope!
What Can We Do To Assist You?
We provide the service that you deserve. So, without any hesitation, take advantage of our services.
We'll Conduct Site Surveys
When you contact us, you will be requested to describe your problem in detail. We will send a team of highly skilled personnel to inspect your site's flooring to better understand your needs.
We'll Consider Many Options
We'll measure all of your replacements after carefully evaluating the scenario and finding all of the concerns with your flooring.
We Will Make Up-to-date Recommendations
We will provide the best suggestions to keep you informed you about your alternatives and the status of your case.
We Will Make Affordable Housing Available To Everyone
We can secure your access to economical flooring material and services using our ties with respected suppliers.
We'll Devise A Strategy
We'll develop a floor remodeling or repair plan that you can sign off on.
We Will Carry Out The Strategy That Has Been Approved
Once you've agreed to the project, our staff will go to work on providing the services you've requested.
We Have Arrived At Floor Sanding And Polishing By Professionals
Are you searching for Floor Sanding Services Near Me that can polish your hardwood floors professionally? We provide the widest range of expert floor sanding and polishing services.
Polyurethane With A Solvent Base
We polish wood floors with a single or dual pack of solvent-based polyurethane. Get the highest-quality moisture-cured gloss, satin finishes, or semi-glossy as well as hardwood floor polishing.
The Polyurethane That Is Soluble In Water
Our aqueous polishing is available in two or one pack of glossy, satin, or matt finishes.
Finishes Using An Oil Base
Oil-based floor finishing is also a specialty of ours. These oil-based finishes, which are suitable for floors with side bonding, are very resistant to wear and require a long time to dry.
Finishing With Hard Wax
Hard wax finishing is ideal for those who want their hardwood floors to seem as natural as possible.
Penetrating Oil (Penetrating Oil)
Our natural-appearing penetrating oil timber floor finishing is great for floorboard polishing in historic houses, adding a sense of history to your hardwood floor.
Product And Procedure Quality
Oil is crucial while laminating the wood floors as it provides an attractive look and feels to the wood of floors. We provide a glossy and matte finish to wood floors. Our polyurethane layer is also important. It prevents the Hardwood Floors In Sydney from stains and cracks. Therefore, we apply a thick and rigid layer on the top of the timber flooring. Our hard topcoat provides resistance against wear and tear to protect people, especially kids playing on the floors.
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