Timber Floor Polishing Sydney

Combined Timber Floors and Floor Sanding Pty LTD. Is The One Stop Shop for Timber Floor Polishing in Sydney?
Timber floors are a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial premises. We provide wood flooring products and maintenance services, including timber floor polishing in Sydney
What Sets Us Apart?
Use of Eco-friendly and non- toxic products
We only use nontoxic and biodegradable products for restoration of timber floors. These products are safe for your family and pets. The timber floor polishing products we use include natural oil and pigment.
Affordable prices
We offer our services at affordable and market competitive prices.
Our expertise and equipment:
The most important consideration for timber floor polishing in Sydney is the colour. Some polishes and pigments appear a different shade when applied to a wood surface from your required colour. Our professionals at Combined Timber Floors and Floor Sanding Pty Ltd can suggest what colour is suitable and how it should be applied for consistency according to the colour of your timber floor.
We are dedicated to providing our clients a high quality finish for their floor and meet and exceed their expectations. Our quick service and prompt responsiveness helps us stand out from the crowd. We honour your time and try to meet deadlines by reaching you on the agreed time.

A Flawless Process From Start To Finish - Timber Floor Polishing

Timber floors look just amazing, regardless of the finish you go with. It is after all, one of the most preferred flooring solutions for residential and commercial buildings across Sydney. That being said, you have to go for the correct timber floor polishing in order to restore the shine & beauty of your wooden flooring. At Combined Timber Floors Sanding Pty Ltd, we can provide you the results you want. Whether you are installing new wooden floors or simply looking to breathe a new life into your existing timber floors, you can hire us! You might have seen some videos on the internet for timber floor polishing in DIY style. But believe us when we tell you it’s better to hire a professional crew like our experts at Combined Timber Floor Sanding Pty Ltd than to do the entire polishing process on your own. That’s because there are multiple stages involved in a typical timber floor polish project and thus it makes sense to acquire professional services.
In this stage, our team will assess the condition of your existing hardwood flooring before we start work. By doing this, we get to know what kind of work we have to do to restore the sheen of your timber floors.
Due to high foot traffic over the years and various other reasons, you might see heavy wear and tear on the wooden flooring. Our team will remove these imperfections from the surface during the sanding process. If this is not done properly, the imperfections over the surface would cause issues when the floor is polished with a protective layer.
Floor Polishing:
This technique is also called buffing, and in this,a new coating is applied on top of the recently-sanded floor. And even though this process is time-consuming, its results are well worth the wait. Our team will apply a good quality protective layer on your wooden floors during the polishing process. Call us now for a free quote. Our team will give you the best deals on timber floor polishing in Sydney!