Wooden Floor Sanding Sydney
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Best Wooden Floor Sanding In Sydney For Exceptional Results
Wood floors have a lot to offer in terms of aesthetic appeal and budget flexibility. However, with the passage of time, wood flooring may lose its lustre. The most effective method of restoration is wooden floor sanding in Sydney. Combined Timber Floors and Floor Sanding Pty. Ltd have all the required equipment and expertise to provide a high quality finish for wood flooring. Wood floor sanding in Sydney is a procedure that is usually considered quite noisy and messy as it produces a lot of dust, however, our state of the art machinery keeps the noise and dust to a minimum level.
The Process
We would advise against attempting to DIY a wooden floor restoration project as there are a number of steps that go into restoring a worn out timber floor to its former glory. Moreover, repairing the damage done by a novice sander can exceed the cost of hiring a professional to do the job from scratch.Our professionals undertake every step with care to ensure you get the results that last for years to come. We follow a systematic process for wooden floor sanding in Sydney. The process is as follows:

  • Preparation for sanding:In the first step, our professionals prepare your floor for sanding by inspecting the floor for loose boards and securing them as well as hammering any nails that are above the surface.

  • Sanding the Floor:Once the sand drum is installed with the sandpaper, the drum head is dropped on the surface of floor. The sander is pushed along the grains of the floorboard.

  • Sanding the Edges:We use an edge sander to sand down the edges of the floor. We only use it to finish the areas where the drum sander can’t reach.

  • Sanding Tight Corners:A detail sander is used to sand down tight corners of stairs and cabinets.

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