Northen Beaches TImber Floor Sanding & Polishing

In Northern Beaches, timber floor sanding and polishing services are provided by many, but we are one of the top most companies at your disposal. From installation of new wood flooring to repairing and maintenance, Combined Timber Floors and Timber Floor Sanding Sydney (Pty) LTD. has got you covered
Having a significant amount of experience under our belt, we are able to provide you with service that your wood flooring is in dire need of. Our various projects for the installation and also maintenance of flooring can attest to that. The maintenance we provide pertaining to floor includes sanding as well as polishing and various other floor repairing services. We pride ourselves in completing our projects on time and that too without breaking your bank.Despite being one of the best options, wood flooring loses its appeal and starts looking worn out. It loses its shine, there are scratches on it and just does not look very pleasing to the eye. Because of a bad floor the whole look of a room can be compromised. Floor sanding is something that can bring life to your old dull and dreary wood flooring. If you are facing bad lighting problems, floor sanding will be a great option for you too. After sanding, natural light will reflect off the floor, illuminating the room, saving up on artificial light and therefore energy. The process of sanding is a prerequisite to the polishing of the floor, by which even if you do not stain your floor, the floor will be able to look very aesthetically pleasing by seeming clean and polished.
Why us?
  • The workers hired by us are some of the best in the wood flooring industry, ensuring a job well done for you.
  • Our work is budget friendly without lacking in quality.
  • We know how inconvenient floor repairing can be and we also value your time. To complete a given project within the given time frame is our top most priority
  • We provide state of the art finishing to all floors.
  • From single room floors to whole house flooring projects, we can do it all!
We at Combined Timber Floors and Timber Floor Sanding Sydney (Pty) LTD. understand how important a good looking floor is to you and a good looking floor with durability is what we offer. In Northern Beaches, timber floor sanding and polishing what we specialise in, so get in touch now! If you have any queries or wish to set up a consultation
  • Call us at Tel: 0419 286 350
  • Or you can write to us atcombinedfloorservices@gmail.com.