Limewash And Woodwash Expert
Hire A Limewash And Woodwash Expert For Finest Quality Flooring
Limewash And Woodwash provides a 'soft milky white colour' and also security against wear and tear to your wood flooring. At Combined Timber Floors and Timber Floor Sanding Sydney (Pty) LTD, our limewash and woodwash expert team performs the task in such a way that it not only improves the appearance of your floorings but also helps fill cracks, openings and also mask other imperfections.You must be thinking that why should you try a limewash rather than other conventional ways, well, there are many reasons why you should try limewash and woodwash to secure your flooring. First of all, with limewash technique, the upkeep and also expenses are barely minimum as compared to other conventional techniques. When your floorings are covered with limewash, it can serve longer as compared to traditional staining and finishing. Even you have to spend less on floor maintenance after limewash treatment, which helps you dedicate a handsome portion of your budget to various other crucial maintenance requirements of your residence.If you want a high-quality treatment for your wood floors at a small price, let our employ our seasoned limewash and woodwash expert team do it for you.
Why choose us?
We would not boast much about our expertise in that field, but in short, when you hire our professionals, you have a guarantee of your task done well. Combined Timber Floors and Timber Floor Sanding Sydney (Pty) LTD is a wood floor professional company that can use liming white floor finish to your floorings to the highest quality, allowing your residence interior stand out in the entire neighbourhood. The secret is that our professionals use only excellent raw materials and products to ensure that your flooring not only looks new but also resist against wear and tear for years to come. It is our utmost priority to provide you with the best worth of your money.
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Call us at Tel: 0419 286 350to reserve an appointment or get a totally free price quote based on a fast evaluation of your floors. You can also drop us an e-mail at combinedfloorservices@gmail.com.We would certainly try to get connected with you as soon as possible.