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Are you looking for Herringbone Timber Flooring? Welcome to the Combined Timber Floors And Floor Sanding (Pty) LTD. Our Timber flooring, no doubt, is a striking supplement to any area of your place. We provide various flooring options to our customers to choose from.Our clients trust us with so many varieties of wood flooring available today. By using our Flooring, clients may add uniqueness to any space in different ways if you're eyeing something classic but still unique. Our timber planks are tried to be the best flooring solution. Suppose you are thinking of adding a little more style to a flooring option. Wood flooring, particularly Herringbone timber flooring, could be what you're looking for!
Our unique wooden Flooring
Our herringbone flooring is a kind of Flooring that resemble herring fish because the pattern is similar to its body parts. We simply provide you with flooring that has a design rather than the conventional timber boards. On the other hand, we allow homeowners to pick the herringbone pattern according to their demand worldwide for its beauty but simplicity.
Patterns We Use For Flooring?
Our wooden floors give every room, big or small, a sense of depth. Always make sure that the type of hardwood you pick can alter the appearance of your timber flooring. Staining is a terrific technique to acquire the floor colour you want while keeping it as ordinary as possible.
Various Range Of Colour And Size
We provide herringbone flooring in various colours. Our colour range varies from grey to chocolate browns, showing the exceptional beauty of the floors. Our designed size of the board floors complements to selected interior style. We offer fuss-free broad planks and narrow planks. Our narrow planks work well with the inner-city interior.
Combination of wood hues
Our workers nowadays prefer to combine wood hues while constructing herringbone flooring. Our mix and match approach is very quick to create distinctive and vibrant floors without going overboard! Perhaps you will desire something unique from a classic appearance: we customize herringbone floors with borders in many patterns according to your room's area.
Cost-Effective Services
Our pricing for timber flooring fittings varies. We offer reasonable prices depending on the type of wood, stain and fittings. We construct flooring boards using the thinner-and-slot technique. Hiring our professional installers is vital because laying down boards in a herring pattern demands accuracy.
Fixing Of Herringbone Floors
We offer installation depending on the material you pick. Our cost per square metre may be higher if the wood is not finished. If you're looking for engineered wood flooring, it will be a cost-effective option than solid wood. So look into it! It's essential to contact our timber flooring professionals to determine the price.
Advice For Installing wooden floors
Reach our maintenance instructor for advice after installation: we'll make you learn to protect your wood flooring so that it goes on for the coming age group. Consistent cleaning and vacuuming is a requirement as our general rule. We use certified washing chemicals to preserve the gloss on your wooden floors!

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