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Best Wooden Floor Sanding In Sydney For Exceptional Results

Timber floor adds an exquisite aura to your establishment. It holds an edge over all the other flooring options and are also easier to maintain. Professionals at Combined Timber Floors and Floor Sanding Pty. Ltd have the expertise to take your worn and tired wooden floor to a high quality luster finish.

Having professionals on board, we pride ourselves on being one of the established wooden floor sanding company in Sydney. Their years of experience and skill set of the highest caliber helps them in delivering the results that meet and exceed expectations.

Leave Your Guest Astounded By Welcoming Them With Warm And Inviting Timber Floors. Being Stylish And Easier To Maintain, Timber Is The Best Flooring Option Of All.

A wooden floor that has lost its pristine to time can be reverted back to its former glory. Floor sanding is one of the best options to bring back the shadowed appeal of your timber floor. Experts at Combined Timber Floors and Floor Sanding Pty. Ltd understands the importance the aesthetics of your home hold for you. That’s why they put meticulous attention to detail in sanding timber floor to bring out its natural splendor. They are equipped with the state the art equipment and advanced products to leave your timber floor as good as new.

Add To The Longevity Of Your Timber Floor. Get It Refurbished By The Specialists For Superior Finish And Value.

Being a socially responsible flooring service, we make sure to use environmental friendly products, while restoring your worn floor to new. These products are free of allergens, making them safe for your family and pets. Moreover, our advanced machinery limits the amount of mess and noise produced during the process.

We Embark On Using Standard Techniques To Sand Your Floor For A Glossy, Smooth And Ready For Use Finesse.

There are a number of steps that go into sanding down a worn timber floor to perfection. Our professionals undertake every step with care to assure you get the results that lasts for the years to come. We offer wood floor sanding in Sydney with the following five steps. These are:

  1. Preparation for sanding:

In the first step, our professionals make sure that your floor is prepared for sanding. To avoid sand paper ripping, they make sure all the nails sit below the surface of the floor boards. They knock down every nail they find above the surface.

  1. Preparing The Sander Drum:

To prepare the sander drum, our professionals install a sandpaper belt on it by laying the drum on its sides. They lift up the cover of the sander drum to slide the sandpaper on. We just want to leave your floor in the best condition, that’s why we only use the finest quality grit paper.

  1. Sanding The Floor:

Once the sand drum is installed with the sandpaper, the drum head is dropped on the surface of floor.  Our professionals then push the sander along the grains of the floorboard. They move one row at a time to ensure an even finish. The sander will then repositioned for the next row.

  1. Sanding The Edges:

We use an edge sander to sand down the edges of the floor. Moreover, we only use it to finish the areas where the drum sander can’t reach.

  1. Sanding The Tight Corners

A detail sander is used to sand down the tight corners like inside and under the cabinets. For the best results, sanders are moved in a smooth and gradual motion.

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